Brandon Box is a media company specialized in the creation of Gen Z contents: Movies, TV series and experiences.

We started our business in 2011 in Milan as a production company and we specialize in creating comics-oriented content: movies and TV series within a narrative universe that starts from the digital world, passes through print and ends up at the cinema. Our aim is not only to create content that’s easy to enjoy, but also to make authentic user-centered experiences where the audience is the main character of our story.

We work with the most talented young directors and authors in the business, and we produce for the global market.

Brandon Addicted

Alessandro Pittoni


Andrea Sgaravatti

Ceo, Founder & Frontman

Matteo Urbinati

Head of Production

Margherita Restelli

Chief Creative Officer

Debora Agerba

Chief Post Production

Ilaria Polo

Digital Strategist

Leonardo Branchi

Line Producer

Guido Geminiani

Founder & Board Member

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Write to us at info@brandonbox.com for more information