Io non sclero

“MS” are the initials of Sara Mancini but of her illness, too: multiple sclerosis. 
Sara, however, doesn’t want her destiny to be reduced to just these two letters. The six episodes of the first season show six crucial moments in Sara's life, demonstrating that - despite all the difficulties - her dreams and projects don’t stop with multiple sclerosis.

In the second season, Io non sclero went from fiction to reality: a real-life series in 7 episodes to tell the true stories, dreams and projects of people living with MS.
The awards won by Io non sclero:
• Best Patient Empowerment Project at the 2017 About Pharma Digital Awards
• Prize for best communication and PR campaign at the 20th edition of the Assorel Award
Best “Content creation” campaign at the 20th edition of the Assorel Award
Awards in 4 categories at the 2015 Rome Web Awards
• Award for Best Web Series of the Year at the Ariano Film Festival
• Finalist at the 2015 Digital Communication Awards
• Special Mention of ASSOREL (Italian Association of Public Relations Agency) in the Socio-sustainable Communication category